The Stuff of Dreams

Regardless of your state of consciousness, that which was troubling you has already been taken care of. The situation has been healed. It has been since the moment you felt the emotion of the difficulty. Now lift your consciousness and prove to yourself that the problem no longer exists in the outer world.

         John Randolph Price - Angel Energy


Jack Nicklaus, probably the best golfer who's ever lived, goes through a mental rehearsal before every shot. Just the thought that he has the discipline to see success before he executes his shots is a very powerful lesson. We may think he just gets up there and hits. Actually, he's made a skill out of seeing the trajectory of the ball, seeing how it is going to bounce, seeing the white against the green. He's imagined it in minute detail. He never hits a shot without seeing the success of that shot. Nicklaus does something more than just wishing and hoping. He uses a skill of seeing where the ball is going before he ever swings the club.

The thing I like about dreams and imaging is that we already do it. If we don't give it a name, we're really comfortable doing it. If we have to give a presentation at work, the night before we'll toss and turn, and we "hear" a tape of what we're going to say playing in our mind. By the time we give the presentation, we feel we've already done it, because we have. The whole notion of living through and feeling as if is a skill. Athletes use it all the time to see themselves going through the motions. There's a great difference between this and the sort of amorphous dreaming of "I'd like to be rich," "I'd like to be thin," "I wish I didn't have to work everyday."

Use dreams as a preparation by seeing yourself actually doing something in minute detail, and play that over and over again to the point that when you start to do it you feel as if you've already done it. People who are successful play events over in their mind many, many times before they do it. It's usually no accident that they're successful.

- Rebecca Maddox

Rebecca Maddox encourages the use of dreams and imaging as pathways to success and change.



The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.


When Michelangelo was asked how he could create such a magnificent masterpiece as his sculpture of David, he responded that all he needed to do was to chip away the excess marble and allow him to escape. He was able to see the end of his creations before even beginning them. Michelangelo lived to the age of 89, and had a very productive life as an artist and visionary. At a time when most men could not be sure where their next meal would come from, this individual lived a life without limitation.

I believe that all things which come into existence are created in thought first. Why, then, can I not bring a wonderful life into existence by just thinking, by simply visualizing it first?

But, I can!

I see myself living a life where I am not bound by the opinions others have of me, one where I no longer concern myself with the judgments of others, one in which I believe in myself and my talents, skills and capabilities. I imagine, and therefore bring about, a life where I do not need to justify my existence, where I am free to be who I really am.

I visualize my life as one of true happiness, one where I have few, if any, conflicts with others; where I am not responsible for another's opinion of me, or for their happiness; where I have no need to control another, nor to be controlled. I create a life where it is all right to be wrong, because sometimes I am right, all the time learning and growing from the experience, and I don't have a need to make anyone else wrong to emphasize my "rightness." I have respect for myself and others, and they hold me in high esteem as a result.

I imagine having a life which has all the components necessary to make it wonderful; a life without fear of taking risks, without the fear of losing something or someone. I conceive a life which is satisfied with what I am and what I have. A life that is enough, right now. Rich. Full. Joyous. Blessed.

Conceive, believe, achieve. Heaven on Earth. Close your eyes. See the end before you start. Let it out. Life is a masterpiece, waiting to slough off the excess, yearning to expose the real beauty found within. Imagine. Dream. Open your eyes. Live it. Love. Dr. Wayne Dyer said, "Above all else, never aim low or think small. You are a divine manifestation of God, and in that regard you are connected to that which causes and creates miracles."

A wonderful life is the stuff of dreams, having become real.



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